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Before the exaltation, NRH was a mercenary on the fringes of the scavenger lands. Her reputation was solid, take a job and finish it. Enemies were a usual occurrence, especially when she showed no loyalty to anything but coin. Before her Black Exaltation, NRH had been approached by a messenger from an old mercenary friend, Lycost a Northern battle bred mercenary intent on carving his name with blood into the history of Creation. Lycost asked for her assistance, offering coin for the Hunters time. That coin would last her a winter or more in comfort, so it was worth even the several weeks travel. She journeyed to Larlyn to discover that Lycost had created an army of mercenaries to take over the city and place him in a position of power as a Warlord. Traveling alone, she saw the other Warlords descending on this upstart, and still made her way to Lycost’s camp where she informed him she would not be taking the job, that it was suicide.

Lycost grew cold, and stated she could move on in the morning, that she would receive a portion of the gold promised as a thank you gift for bringing news on the other warlords camps. Hunter failed to notice the glint of madness in his eye, and stayed the night. She woke to an ambush from his men. Reflexes and skill allowed her to fight back but she was soon outnumbered and struck down. In the eternity of her dying breath a voice came to her promising retribution on this upstart from the north that had been her friend. Her fury rose and she took the promise, surrendering her name and latching on to the power. From the precipice of death, Hunter woke with an appalling hunger and anger. The energy exploded from her in a shock wave, knocking down the mercenaries of Lycost. Her weapon flew to her hand and she danced over the dead bodies in the camp, slicing at anything living. In her wake a sea of blood and limbs fell. It minutes for the one large military camp to be destroyed by Hunter. Lycost had fled to his tent, where she found him cowering with a weapon in hand. Not even bothering with simple words, she attacked, evaded and decapitated the former friend. Furious at with how easy it was, she burned to eradicate his lineage from the world.

The voice of promise spoke once more and urged her to journey towards him. The urge was undeniable, and she followed the draw over months of aimless wanderings until she crossed to the underworld and in to Stygia where she knelt in front of The Mask of Winters to pledge her loyalty.

For years she toiled in bringing The Mask of Winters plans to fruition. Rewarded time and time again with special access to certain small manses that The Mask of Winters used, hunter built a reputation of ruthless death. When others of her rank were brought into the Mask of Winters purview, she was constantly on the edge. Even successful missions had small flaws built in to them. While she succeeded in destroying a town as requested, Winters was able to reward her but also state that she could have done better. Hunter took that notion to heart, seeking to find the most impressionable way to render a village destroyed and strike fear into the hearts of the mortals while not drawing undue attention from the Lunars or Exalts.

Hunter Template

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