Character Creation

Modifications to the default character creation process are detailed below…

Step Four: Advantages

  • Receive Artifact (5) with no single artifact rated higher than (3).
  • Receive Contacts (2). This may be defined retroactively once the game begins.
  • Receive Influence: Stygia (2).
  • Receive Liege: The 14th Sign (1).
  • For each Favored Ability you may receive one free excellency for that ability of your choice (as long as you meet the requirements).
  • For each Ability with a rating of (3) you may receive one free charm from that ability of your choice (as long as you meet the requirements). For each point above (3) you gain an additional free charm.
  • Choose Virtues (each virtue may be set to the desired value with no additional cost).

Step Five: Finishing Touches

  • Record Essence (3).

Bonus Points

  • Bonus points cannot be spent on raising Essence.

Experience Points

  • Experience points (150) may be spent once the previous steps have been completed.
  • Experience points cannot be spent on raising Essence.
  • Experience points cannot be spent on Backgrounds. Instead, all Background points obtained after Bonus points have been spent require a written justification detailing why your character has the Background and how it was obtained; where each dot desired requires roughly a paragraph of justification. Total pre-game background dots obtained in this fashion cannot exceed 15 dots.

Training Times

  • When training an ability to (3) or higher, characters are awarded a free charm from the appropriate ability that they meet the requirements for. The training time necessary for this is the longer of the ability training time and the charm training time. In general this means that the training time for a favored or caste ability will be the training time of the free charm where as the training time for an out-of-caste ability will tend to be the time necessary to raise the ability.

Additional House Rules

  • The Abyssal background Liege comes in two varieties. The first represents your rank within this organization The 14th Sign. The second represents your rank with your patron Deathlord. This later value must be kept strictly secret in game as support from a Deathlord is seen to remove your impartiality; but like lobbyists and bribes in Washington, everyone knows it happens anyway.
  • The house rules for learning sorcery from Sins of the First Age are being used in this campaign.

Character Creation

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