Sanguine Trophies Collected

Cost: —; Mins: Melee 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Merged (Medicine), Native, Overdrive
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Artful Maiming Onslaught

It amuses some deathknights to collect some small token from their foes: a thumb here, a scalp there. Others defile the corpses of their enemies by fashioning them into gruesome warmachines or by placing their severed heads upon spikes atop a necropolis’ gates as a warning to would-be rebels. These trophies serve as painful reminders to all who behold them: this is the fate of all who stand against the Void. This Charm provides the deathknight with an Overdrive pool capable of holding ten motes. The Abyssal gains two offensive motes whenever he inflicts a Crippling effect on a non-extra enemy, or three offensive motes if the Crippling effect is an outright amputation.

The deathknight gains one offensive mote each time his DVs refresh so long as at least one enemy recognizes the source of the Abyssal’s grim collection—whether it be a necklace of ears belonging to soldiers from their unit, an army of oddly-familiar zombies, or some other morbid display. If an enemy can perceive a trophy that came from a character they possess a positive Intimacy toward, the identity of that trophy’s source is made Obvious to their senses. The Abyssal must be responsible for the amputations and deaths needed to build this collection if he wishes to gain these motes.

With Storyteller approval, trophies other than actual body parts may be used, such as a child’s beloved toy, a signature article of clothing, a weapon pried from a victim’s cold dead hands. The former owner must be dead by the Abyssal’s actions, and this information, too, becomes Obvious if the enemy possesses a positive Intimacy toward the victim.

Merged: Sanguine Trophies Collected (Medicine, Prerequisite Charms: Bone Graft Technique)

Sanguine Trophies Collected

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