Custom Errata

The Books of Sorcery, Vol III – Oadenol’s Codex

Perfected Kata Bracers (pg. 42)

Two versions of this artifact exist:

Three Dots: The three dot version is as written but no longer provides a bonus of Essence to accuracy, damage and defense.

Four Dots: The four dot version still has no bonuses, but does something else TBD.

Lords of Creation

Infinite Resplendence Amulet (pg. 97-98)

These properties are never found in amulets on their own – they are always secondary elements, combined with one of the more common magical materials. A 5-dot amulet is limited to a total of four materials.

Soulsteel: Amulets incorporating soulsteel garb their bearers in ghostly raiments of spun shadow, undulating and rippling in haunted winds. Behind this sheer fabric is seen only empty air and darkness, lending the exalt an ethereal appearance. Fully shrouding one’s self in such a garment conceals a character’s identity as the anima banner of a Day caste Abyssal (Abyssals, Page 109). Additionally, the shadow stuff interacts freely with dematerialized objects, enabling the user to both see and touch them normally if she so chooses.

Adamant: Vanishingly rare, amulets which include adamant in their design refract the bearer’s own anima to produce stunning outfits sculpted of flowing curtains of light and woven with faceted gemstones. They enable a character to reshape the appearance of her anima as described for the Metatotemic Calibrator submodule (Alchemicals, Page 155) and, while the user’s anima is flared at the 5m level or greater, she benefits from protection from Shaping effects equivalent to Integrity Protecting Prana (Exalted, Page 199).

Custom Errata

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