Child of the Apocalypse

Cost: —; Mins: War 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Merged (Survival, Awareness, Lore, Socialize), Native, Overdrive
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

Creation is no stranger to endings, but as Saturn’s hands work ever-faster to snip the destinies of people, gods, cities and nations, even she must ask; how much more can it take? This Charm grants the deathknight an empty Overdrive pool with a capacity of ten motes. Whenever the Abyssal’s DVs refresh while he is in a place of demise, he gains two offensive motes. He must be rolled into battle to benefit from this Charm, though if he is rolled into debate and has the ability to spend offensive motes to fuel social attacks, he may instead gain one offensive mote whenever his MDVs refresh.

For the purposes of this Charm, a “place of demise” is distinct from a place of death. Places of demise are not graveyards or ancestor temples, or even shadowlands. Rather, they are the sorts of places that might become shadowlands, places heavy with the stench of recent death. Battlefields strewn with fresh corpses, cities wracked with plague, ziggurats running with rivers of sacrificial blood, blasted craters where yesterday stood peaceful villages; places of demise exemplify the moment of death, not its stagnant aftermath. As a general guideline, no place of demise lasts more than three days without fresh slaughter on a similar scale, though by that point the area will start to become infested with hungry ghosts.

Merged: Child of the Apocalypse (Survival, Awareness, Lore, Socialize)

Child of the Apocalypse

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