04/12/2014 Session Log

Experience: 5

Through the serial killer the group determined that it was likely agents of the Silver Prince that were holding the secret shadowland. And when Dawning Snow did not come to meet them, they went to her. Her message was simple: we are declaring our independence from the Deathlords and that they should leave. After learning what they could and planting a seed of doubt, the abyssals left only to be confronted by another; Below the Raging Sol. His message was simple: leave The Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea alone because he was learning the secrets of the solars that the Silver Prince would in turn take from him by force. In exchange for leaving the abyssal alone he offered the location of the Abjuration of the Maidens sorcery and the name of the solar maintaining it: Advocate of the Radiant Conduit.

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