03/29/14 Session Log

Experience: 5

Though their meeting on The River of Queens was intense, the two groups of Abyssals agree to combine their efforts to apprehend The Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea. Their numbers expand again when they find the Apostle of Silent Eternity waiting for them on the shores of the Thousand Dragons Lake. Leaving the waterways behind they continue on to their destination, learning that a huge amount of construction has been occurring at the Jade Plum Citadel, and not all of it can be explained by the preparations for the funeral of Dawning Snow. Their goal became significantly more complicated though when the charms and artifacts of Invisible Crow failed him as he passed through the gates of the city. After retreating, and requiring a different approach, The Ambassador of Onrushing Shadows enters the city alone and manages to make contact with what could be part of the crew of the Fallen Wolf.

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