The historians will call this the Time of Tumult, but no single phrase can accurately describe the upheaval that is about to befall Creation and beyond. For an age the powers-that-be have plotted and maneuvered, all in the name of their agendas. Through coincidence or the hand of Fate, those efforts are about to come to fruition.

When the dust has settled, this Time of Tumult come to an end, academics will argue about the role the return of the solar exaltations to Creation played in the cataclysm. Few will be able to argue that in just 20 short years, the meteoric rise of these warriors was a phenomenon the likes of which may never be seen again. But whether their appearance was the catalyst or the crescendo is a question that will likely never be answered.

Ten years ago the Jade Prison was breached. Within ten years the Second Age will come to an end. Even now the signs are clear. The newly born solars are already challenging the Realm, while their abyssal cousins have begun to threaten their Deathlord masters. The rules of the game are beginning to unravel and but a single decade remains before this existence is torn Asunder.


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